The Video below explains how our Pay Plan works for each 11 Stages. Only the Pass Up Sales amount progresses higher in each Stage. Pass Up sales amounts are equivalent to the cost of the entry product for each Stage. Entry product purchase amounts will always be from your Profits, NEVER OUT of your pocket and they are $3.00 in Stage-1, $27 Stage-2, Free $20 entry in our New Vehicle Stage-3, $25 Monthly in Stage-4, $97 Stage-5, $200 Stage-6, $300 in Stage-7, $600 in Stage-8, $2K in Stage-9, $7K Stage-10 and $21K in Stage-11.

building of income in each Stage for all Members is made possible because the funds to purchase the entry product for each higher Stage are derived from the Member's earnings in their previous Stage as their earnings reach the Admin Predetermined Earning Amount (APEA) in the previous Stage. This APEA by system design should occur at or prior to the completion of Level-5 in each Stage.


Awarded to All Feeder Stage-1 Members to Enter You Free into our $82K New Truck Stage-3 (NTS) Rvs-2Up! View it below.

One Of These Could Be Yours!

..And you're just in time to take part in our $500 Feeder Stage $3.00 Sales Contest. See it below!

Let's Get You Upgraded Into The $3.00 FS...

..FIRST Click the Join Now Botton and Create Your account!

This explanation is for those who have not joined the Feeder Stage-1. After upgrading your PSIS account by purchasing your Feeder Stage $3.00 entry product from PSIS Admin, you are placed into this Feeder Stage-1 (FS-1).

$12K Rvs-2Up Feeder Stage-1 Earnings Illustration

$3.00 Entry - $12K Projected Payout Through 10 Levels

Split Page Locator

Your $3.00 Purchase Places You Into The $3.00 Rvs-2Up Feeder Stage-1 (FS) Pay Line of Your Producer.

Earning Your 1st $42 In The Feeder Stage(FS) Is Easy Once You're In!


A. Once you are in the FS and have produced your 4 $3.00 sales, the low $3.00 entry cost should have you completing your Levels-1 and 2 rather quickly as most of your prospects will grasp this potential to change their financial future.

B. You'll pass up 2 of your 4 sales to your FS Producer whose PL you would be in and retain 2 in your Level-1 Pay Line earning you $6 ($3×2).

C. As the 2 remaining in your L-1 PL complete their 4 FS sales, they will each pass up 2 $3.00 sales to you earning you $12 ($3×4) MORE PASSIVE INCOME for an $18 ($6+$12) total in L-1 earnings! You would then have 4 in your L-2 Pay Line who must each pass up 2 sales to you and when they do, you'll receive a total of 8 (4×2) sales earning you $24 MORE PASSIVE INCOME ($3×8) for a combined L-1 and L-2 total of $42 ($18+$24) !

Your income would continue to DOUBLE on each Level as $3.00 sales continue to pour in to earn you $12.2K IN PASSIVE INCOME (excluding your 4 direct sales) through just 10 Levels!
Refer to the $3.00 Feeder Stage Rvs-2Up Earnings Illustration Chart above.

D. From your Levels-1 and 2 earning of $42 your will purchase your Silver Stage-2 entry product from your Sponsor. Their purchase url will be in your PSIS account back office when you are qualified to upgrade into your Silver Stage-2.

E. You'll maintain your position in this FS to receive your potential payouts totaling $12K through just 10 Levels! As your Downline Members continue to produce $3.00 FS sales in their quest to enter the $111K Silver Stage-2 you could EARN INFINITELY!

Sustained Action

Entering The $111K Silver Stage-2

Upon reaching the earning amount of $42 which would be your total earnings when your FS Levels 1 and 2 are completed as shown in the FS illustration chart above, you will purchase from your Producer one of the two entry products listed below to begin earning in the $111K Silver Stage-2 Rvs-2Up.

1. $27 Instant Profit Club Basic (IPCB) biz oppty. ONLY view it here, donot purchase. When you contact your Sponsor, they will send you their IPC url for you to join on their page.

When you have reached the qalifying Feeder Stage-1 earings to advance to Stage-2, you must contact your Sponsor's to work out with them what payment processor will work for the both of your. If your Sponsor's Name is not showing on the IPCB sales page you received, DO NOT PROCEED WITH YOUR IPCB PURCHASE! Please contact your Sponsor for the correct IPCB url from which to make your purchase.

2. 3 Solo Ads to 25K Traffic Exchange Members. You will send your $27 to your Producer and inform your Rvs-2Up Admin that you have paid your Sponsor and want the Solo Ads. We will fill your order!

Pay Your $49 Annual Admin Fee Out Of Your Earnings!

PSIS 1st year annual $49 Admin fee will be disbursed from your FS Level-4 earnings of $96. We don't earn until our Members earn.

$82K New Truck Stage-3 Reverse 2Up Illustration

When your FS Level-4 completes with earnigs of $96 you will be rewarded a $20 profit share which PSIS Admin will use to place you FREE into our $82K New Truck Stage-3 Rvs-2Up.

As everyone's Feeder Stage Sales follow them into this NTS your commissions will soon reach the total amount of $81.8K through 10 Levels! PSIS Admin will within 15-days afterwards present your chosen dealership with the Cashier's Check of up to $80K to cover the cost of your New Truck, Car, SUV or ALL THREE depending upon your choice of Wheels! Oh, you can also receive Cash in lue of the Wheels. It's your Money get it however you want to. Should you choose the Vehicle(s) or the Cash, the withdrawal of any remaining commissions in Levels-1 thru Level-10 including all commissions accumulated in this NTS TO INFINITY will be available to you to post withdrawals in your back office.



When your Feeder Stage-1 L-5 is completed with earnings of $192, a small $25 leverage distribution amount will be used to place you into our 1X4 BTC Matrix! As your 4 FS-1 sales follow you into the BTC Matrix, $200 ($25×4) will be generated, you will cycle. You'll be placed into to ever popular BitLocity EVOLUTION income opportunity at the $175 Gold Level and $25 will cover the first month of the biz oppty building tool IWebaTool Marketing System!

Feast you eyes on all of it right here. Just don't join until you are notified by PSIS Admin.

Your BTC wallet can get fat automatically and passively as everyone's 4 or more Feeder Stage-1 sales follow them into the 1X4 BTC Matrix and on into the BitLocity EVOLUTION BitLocity EVOLUTION!

Get Your Share of Our $500 Feeder Stage Pro Sales Contest Winnings!

Second Round Contest Period: 12:00 AM CST December 04, 2021 to 12:00 AM CST March 04, 2022

Congrats to those Pro Members who grew our Member base by bringing in 77 new Pro Members during the 1st round of our Contest! We are now in the 2nd round. As explained below, we only need 23 more new Pro Members to pay out 50% of each Contest prize. Let's Do This Team!

Every Member upon entering the $3.00 FS and having produced the minimum 4 $3.00 FS sales are automatically entered into the Contest. These 4 sales will count as Contest sales. PIF sales also count in the Contest. Getting sales can be as simple as sending traffic to your replicated website like this one, your landing page or optin page.


1st Place: $225
2nd Place: 125
3rd Place: $75
4th Place: $50
5th Place: $25

* Prize amounts shown will only be awarded if Contest total of $3.00 sales reaches 200 sales during the Contest. Contest may consist of multiple rounds for 200 sales to be met. If this should occur, 50% of each prize will be awarded after the round in which 100 total Contest sales are reached and the remaining 50% will be awarded after the round in which the total 200 sales are reached. A minimum of 100 total Contest sales from the Contest start day are required to be reached before any amount of each prize will be awarded. However, the next round(s) will begin at Midnight of the 1st day following the end on the previous Contest round and will run for 3-months consecutively until the total 200 sales is reached. All qualifying sales produced by each Contestant in any previous periods of this Contest will count in any carry over round until the minimum total of 200 sales is reached. If you are leading after an earlier round before 200 sales are met, don't stop making sales because another Member could overtake you in a later carry over round in which the 200 sales are met.

$3.00 entry point this Feeder Stage greatly reduces the stress of having to produce higher cost sales to start building your $128 Million PLUS $102K Monthly and add to all this, our additional $1 Million in BTC projected income stream.

Everyone who has $3.00 and is searching for an opportunity that can change their financial future need to look no further than to what is now before your very eyes.

Introducing the 11 Stage $128 Million PLUS $102K Monthly Reverse 2Up (Rvs-2Up) Profit Sharing Income System (PSIS) with a new unheard of $3.00 Feeder Stage entry amount! "I know, impossible, right? Wrong, but the only way you'll really know for yourself is read the information on this page."

Entry product sales for all Stages are automatically and passively generated as Members will purchase their next Stage entry product from their Feeder Stage-1 Producer/Sponsor out of their profits earned in their current Stage.

Our Products consists popular biz opptys, Leads and Text Ad placements on our website and our advertised Link Rotator. If you are already a member of a biz oppty that is one of our Stage entry products, a substitute biz oppty or non-biz oppty product will be available. We won't allow a simple product to keep you from being positioned to earn in each Stage of our $128M PSIS.

Only the entry products for the Feeder Stage are purchased from PSIS Admin. Products for Stages 2 (Stage-3 is Free) and 4-11 are to be purchased from your Feeder Stage Producer. Your Producer's purchasing methods will be posted in your PSIS account back office when you become qualified to upgrade into a Stage.

Working EXAMPLE: Upon reaching the Admin Specificed Earnings Amount of $42 at the completion of their Levels-1 and 2 combined in the Feeder Stage-1; Members are required to purchase their SILVER STAGE-2 entry product from their Feeder Stage Producer (Sponsor) to enter the $111K SILVER STAGE-2.

There is an Admin Predetermined Earnings Amount set for entrance into Stages-2 through 10 which upon reaching the Member must purchase their next Stage product from their Sponsor/Producer to qualify to earn in that Stage. No purchase is necessary for entrance into Stage-3 because Members entry into the New Truck Stage-3 is paid by PSIS Admim.


Members failing to make purchase of their next Stage entry product will not be allowed to make withdrawals from their FS-1 Commission Account until their purchase is made. This measure is only in place to keep everyone receiving their accumulated commissions on a timely basis. Members failing to upgrade into the next Stage in the alloted 7-days grace period without having an acceptable reason for not upgrading will be removed from the PSIS and their FS-1 as well as their New Truck Stage-3 commissions will be forfited.

Everyone starts in the FS by first creating their account on the website of the person who invited them. Then enter the FS by purchasing their $3.00 entry product from PSIS Admin.

Only 4 $3.00 Feeder Stage sales are necessary to earn maxinum illustrated payout in each of our 11 income Stages. Remember that all product sales for Stages 2-11 are automatically and passively generated.

$3.00 is affordable to everyone, so by simply sending prospects to your PSIS website like this one, no one should have any problem getting their 4 $3.00 Feeder Stage (FS) entry sales consisting of our Turbo3Cash biz oppty or our 25 Oppty Seeker Leads or any combination of these two products.

With our low $3.00 entry everyone can PIF for their 4 or more sales and a lot of Members can make a whole lot of MONEY!

You may produce as many $3.00 FS sales as you like. Our illustrations show everyone having at least 4 FS sales below them who will follow their Producer into each of the 11 Rvs-2Up Stages!

With the PSIS Earning online is a literal for EVERYONE!

To receive the full income potential of $128 Million PLUS $102K Monthly you and each of your downline Members through 10 Levels of each Stage only need to produce 4 $3.00 FS sales! It can't get any easier than that folks.

On this page you'll learn how that by simply purchasing the $3.00 *Turbo3Cash Machine or 25 Income Oppty Seeker Leads for only $3.00 from PSIS Admin and producing just 4 sales of the same
you'll be on your way to enjoying this massive income stream of $128 Million PLUS $102K Monthly!

Haste Makes Waste

Everyone Starts In The $3.00 Reverse 2Up Feeder Stage (FS)

With our unique pay plan we have made it possible for anyone to become a Multi-Millionaire in the shortest time possible with ONLY $3 out of their pocket!

Get Upgraded Into The Feeder Stage NOW!

First, Create your Account.

Then click here to purchase our $3.00 Turbo3Cash biz oppty or our 25 Oppty Seeker Leads for your entry product. If you are already a member of Turbo3Cash, use one of the Payment Methods below to send PSIS Admin $3.00 to purchase 25 Income Oppty Seeker Leads. After purchasing either of these you will be placed into the Feeder Stage.

*If the Turbo3Cash payment page does not have your preferred payment option, select one from the list below and send PSIS Admin $3.00. Upon receiving your $3.00 we will set up your Turbo3Cash website, send you the url and place you into the FS.


To purchase 25 Leads for $3.00 to enter the Feeder Stage or to purchase your 3-Solo Ads sent to 25K Traffic Exchange Members for entry into the Silver Stage-2, ONLY use a payment option from the list below IF ADMIN IS YOUR SPONSOR. In this case you would use one of them to send PSIS Admin (Solomon Price) $3.00 to enter the Feeder Stage-1 and you would send Admin $27 when you are ready to enter the Silver Stage-2.

After purchase You will be placed into the FS or into the Silver Stage whichever is applicable.

Once Our Popular Online Biz Oppty Products Are Owned By Our Members, They Will Always Have Multiple Products From Which To Earn An Income On And Off Line!

Any of our biz oppty products when offered as a stand alone income oppty by our Members can serve as a reliable source of income should your prospect prefer to join the stand alone biz oppty instead of the PSIS. However, our $3.00 entry amount has eliminated the need for anyone to even consider joining any of our biz oppty products as a stand alone biz oppty. Why settle for one biz oppty at a cost of $27-$21K when you can own all 9 for only $3 out of pocket? Yes, $21K! Our Diamond Stage-11 biz oppty entry product retails for $21K but it can be yours for ONLY $3.00 out of your pocket and you'll be positioned to unlimited-automatic-passive sales with $20K commissions to INFINITY. HELLO!

Upgrade your Account by Selecting a Method Below to Send Admin Your $3.00

Send to: $solopric7

If you are not a Cash App member and are eligible to join, you can get your Reverse-2Up upgrade FREE PLUS $5.00 CASH from Cash App and $5 CASH from me, Solomon Price for a total of $10.00! Simply follow these easy steps. (1) Join Cash App using my link here. (2) Log into your Cash App account, click the Pay Icon on the bottom of the home page and follow the prompts to send $5.00 to another Cash App member. If you don't have anyone to send to, send it to me $Solopric7 and I will send it right back to you. Just enter THANKS in the note space. After your $5 send you'll still be in $10 FREE PROFIT.

Send to Solomon Price:

Send to Solomon Price:

Send To: @Solomon-Price-1

  (BTC Only)

BTC Address:

This BTC send method may prove useful if you have a group to upgrade that would total the minimum required to use this method.


Tron acceptance is for a limited time only and can be discontinued without prior notice.

*Please send Admin an email with your name, your username and the Tron transaction Hash Number from your send receipt.

*If sending PIF payments, include the name(s), username(s) of each Member you are PIF for, the total amount sent and transaction Hash number corresponding to the amount sent.

*Legal Disclaimer: Please Note: Neither the Admin, owner(s) nor any employees of Instant Profit Club, Daily Digital Club (DDC), Prosperity Home Network, nor Prosperity People Systems businesses, nor Simple System Funnel Biz Opptys has any affiliation with, nor endorsement of the Profit Sharing Income System in any way. PSIS Admin is only an independent reseller of these Biz Opptys or will be and is bound to the rules imposed upon us as outlined in their Rules and Regulations regarding their Resellers/Affiliates. All questions or comments regarding these Biz Opptys and how the Rvs-2Up PSIS utilises them in the PSIS opportunity should be directed only to Rvs-2Up PSIS Admin. Income amounts shown on this website are only for illustration purposes and have no intent of guaranteeing anyone that they will earn from this opportunity without adequate, sustained and effective marketing efforts on their part and on the part of their prospective joining members.