Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide in completing any tasks on the pages of our website is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.


Q: Who owns the Profit Sharing Income System (PSIS)?

A: PSIS is owned by Solomon Price of Beaumont Texas and can be contacted by email: and by phone: 409-444-9339, please leave a message if no answer.


Q: In what countries is PSIS offered?

A: PSIS is offered globally. If the country in question is not shown in the Language Translator drop-down on our web pages, PSIS is not offered in that country.


Q: How does one earn with PSIS?

A: Earning with PSIS is simple and easy. PSIS is a profit sharing entity. Members purchase biz opptys or substitute products and services from PSIS Admin and we use up to 80% of our commissions on these purchases along with a portion of the Member’s earnings to place them into our 9 Reverse 2Up income Stages. See the operational diagram of the Rsv-2Up below and the projected earnings in each Stage through 10 Levels with each Member coming into your Pay Line producing just 4 $3.00 sales. $3.00 sales are only required to earn in the Feeder Stage (FS). All sales for higher Stages are automatic and passive as Members must make these purchases to enter these Stages.





Q: Are more than 4 $3.00 sales allowed?

A: Yes. All of your $3.00 sales will follow you into each Stage, so the more sales you produce; the more you will potentially earn.

Q: What if I am already a member of a biz oppty I am required to purchase to enter an income Stage?

A: PSIS Admin will have other replacement biz opptys, products or services which the Member may purchase to be entered into any Stage.

Q: Why is this not a Member-to-Member sales opportunity?
A: Our goal is to help our Members create Million$ in income by sharing our profits with our Members. We share one time amounts ranging from $20 to $7K with our Members to place them into our income Stages. Not many other people will do this for total strangers. PSIS Admin is dedicated to helping our Members become financially free.

Q: How long has PSIS been in operation?
A: PSIS began testing with limited advertising on 12/20/20.

Q: What is the PSIS participation age limit?
A: Participating Members must be at least 17 years of age.

Q: May I have more than one account?
A: No. Only one account is needed and any additional accounts will be deleted and any unpaid commissions will be paid to the Member's FS Producer.

Q: Can other members of my household participate in PSIS?
A: Yes, if they are of the accepted participation age of 18 years. Each account must have a different email address and username.

Q: What products are offered by PSIS?
A: The PSIS pay plan consists of several popular online biz opptys that Members will purchase from PSIS Admin to enter each Stage within the PSIS. As mentioned in a previous answer, there will be substitute products/ services if a Member is already a member of a Stage biz oppty entry product. PSIS also offers Advertisements to be placed on our website, Income Oppty Seeker Leads and other alternative products which a Member may purchase to enter any Stage if they are already a member of any Stage entry biz oppty. For a detailed list of Stage entry products visit: https://bit.ly/3xYad4w

Q: How do I join PSIS to begin earning?
A: To begin earning simply create your account, purchase your $3.00 product to be entered into the Feeder Stage and complete a minimum of 4 FS $3.00 sales. As your 4 FS sales duplicate you, you’ll retain 2 sales in your L-1 Pay Line earning you $6.00 ($3x2). Your 2 will each pass up 2 sales to you and you’ll earn $12.00 ($3x4) more. When your 4 complete their 4 sales and each of them passes up 2 sales to you totaling 8, you’ll earn an additional $24 ($3x8) for a total of $42 on L-1 & 2. $27 or $35 of your $42 will be used to purchase your $82K Silver Stage-1 Reverse-2Up entry product and you’ll be off to the Million$ races! Your FS sales will follow you by the same process through 10 levels in each of the remaining 8 Stages. Your projected earnings in the Feeder Stage alone is $12.3K

Q: Are there any guarantees that I will get paid my commissions and profit shares?
A: No, there are no guarantees other than my solemn word to you. Admin don’t earn until our Members earn. My name, phone number, Email and picture are posted on this website. I have no intentions of scamming anyone. This is a Members income opportunity. That’s why it’s called the Profit Sharing Income System. Answers to your questions not found? Text, email me or use the Contact Us website page.

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