Silver Stage-1

Your 4 or more $3 Feeder Stage (FS) sales follow You into each Stage with $0 out of their Pocket! This design generates NO WAITING FOR YOUR Pay Lines TO MAKE SALES because sales are automatically and passively generated in Stages 1-9 for all qualified Members.

These sales are generated as Members are required to purchase from their FS Producer/Invitor the designated entry biz oppty or substitute product for entry into these Stages susing funds from earnings received in their previous Stage.


We make building your potential income streams totaling $118M in one-time payments PLUS $102K in Monthly Residual commissions almost effortless by generating automatic-passive sales in Stages 1-9.

Income potentials shown in the Silver stage as in all stage illustrations are projected with everyone making ONLY 4 $3.00 FS sales. Dare to imagine Your potential income if all produced 5,10 sales or even more at ONLY $3 per sale! Even with a 10% success rate yielding $11.8M PLUS $10K Monthly would prove to be far from a waste of your time, wouldn't you agree?

The PSIS Rvs 2Up compensation plan as explained below for the Silver Stage1 works the same for all Stages.

Although our Stage illustrations show each Member producing only 4 $3 Feeder Stage (FS) sales and these sales automatically following them into each Stage, there are no restrictions on the number of FS sales a Member may produce. The more FS sales you produce, the more your potential earnings can be above the illustrated 10 level amount shown for each Stage.

$103K Silver Stage Income Illustration

*From your Feeder Stage (FS) Levels-1 and 2 total earnings of $42 you will purchase one of three products costing $27 or $35 from your Producer/Sponsor. There are three because you may already be in one of the biz opptys. We don't want anything to prevent you from earning in every Stage of our amazing PSIS. Your purchase will place you into your Invitor's Silver Stage-1 Level-1 (L-1) Pay Line earning them $27 for IPC or our 3-Month Ad Placement or $25 for SFC (the $35 cost of SFC includes a $10 SFC Admin fee).

We Use the $25 SFC Biz Oppty Entry Product In This Illustration. Your Earning Can Fluctuate As Some Of Your Sales Will Be For The $27 IPC.

Your FS
Sales Follow

Total Sales
PU's To
On Remng.
Your PL
On PU's
Level-2N/AN/AN/A4Recvd On L-1168$200$200
Level-3N/AN/AN/A8Recvd On L-23216$400$400
Level-4N/AN/AN/A16Recvd On L-36432$800$800
Level-5N/AN/AN/A32Recvd On L-412864$1600$1600
Level-6N/AN/AN/A64Recvd On L-5256128$3200$3200
Level-7N/AN/AN/A128Recvd On L-6512256$6400$6400
Level-8N/AN/AN/A256Recvd On L-71024512$12,800$12.8K
Level-9N/AN/AN/A512Recvd On L-820481024$25,600$25.6K
Level-10N/AN/AN/A1024Recvd On L-940962048$52,200$52.2K
TOTALS4$8022048Recvd On

ONLY The Production Of $3 Feeder Stage Sales are Required To Build Your Potential $118 MILLION And Your $102K In MONTHLY Commissions!

Member Sales for Stages 2-9 are automatically and passively generated as each Member must purchase the specified entry biz oppty product or substitute entry product to be placed into these Stages. These automatic-passive sales are then placed into the Pay Line of their FM Producer who will have already upgraded into these Stages. This feature eliminates the need for our Members to produce any sales other than 4 $3 Feeder Stage sales!

Your Income is Projected to Grow Simultaneously in Each of the 9 PSIS Income Stages as 4 $3 Feeder Stage sales continue to be produced!

After you have purchased from your FS Producer your Silver Stage entry product, Simple Freedom Club (SFC) or Instant Profit Club Basic (IPCB) or PSIS Ad Pack out of your $42 FS Level-1 & L-2 earnings; You are placed into your Producer's Silver Pay Line (PL).

Your 4 FS Sales Enters Your Silver Stage PL

Your Silver Stage income will begin to build automatically as your 4 Feeder Stage sales complete their Level-1 and Level-2 FS with earnings of $42 and purchase their Silver Stage entry product FROM YOU and your Producer. The system will direct your 1st and 3rd of your 4 FS sales to purchase from You earning you $50 Paid Directly to You and these 2 will remain in your L-1 PL. The system will direct your 2nd and 4th FS sales to purchase from ideally your Producer or whoever is qualified to receive these two sales. These will be your 2 Silver Stage pass up sales.

4 FS Sales Of 2 In Your L-1 PL Enters Your Silver Stage-1 Payline

As the 4 FS sales of each of your 2 retained sales in your Level-1 PL duplicate this process they are placed as 4 Silver sales to each of the 2 in your PL.

Your 2 PL Members will each pass up their 2nd and 4th sales to You earning You another Direct Payment of $100 (2×2×$25) MORE! Your total L-1 potential earning would be $150! You'll then have 4 in your L-2 PL who must each pass up 2 sales to You!

4 FS Of 4 In Your Level-2 PL Enter Your Pay Line

As the 4 FS sales of each of the 4 in your Level-2 PL duplicate the process they are placed as 4 Silver sales to each of the 4 in your L-2 PL. Each of your 4 will each pass up 2 sales to You totaling 8 (4×2) which earns You $200 (8×$25) MORE for a L-1 &2 total income of $350 ($150+$200)! You would then have 8 in your L-3 PL as shown in the illustration above.

As the 4 FS sales of each of the 8 in your Level-3 PL complete their FS L-1 and L-2 and purchase their Silver Stage entry product, they are placed as 4 Silver sales to each of the 8 in your L-3 PL. Each of your 8 will pass up 2 sales to You totaling 16 (8×2). You'll receive $400 (8×2×$25) MORE in L-3 earnings Paid Directly to You and You would then have 16 in your L-4 PL!

Your Silver Levels-4 and 5 Passive Earnings Would Total $2.4K

As the 4 FS sales of each of the 16 in your L-4 enter your L-4 PL they will each pass up 2 sales to You totaling 32 sales being passed up to You bringing your Silver earnings to $800 (32×$25) MORE! You would then have 32 in your L-5 PL who must each pass up 2 sales to You and when they do You'll earn $1,600 MORE in Direct Payments to You!

As this Rvs-2Up process continues with $3 Feeder Stage sales through 10 Levels your Silver Stage income will reach the $103K projected amount!


To get your 2nd potential income stream of $102K Monthly rolling, we have designed the PSIS to get You placed into the Topaz Stage when your Silver Stage L-1 thru L-5 is completed with earnings of $2540.

You'll use $25 of your $2540 to purchase the 1st month of your Topaz Stage-2 entry product, our Daily Digital Club (DDC) biz oppty from your FS Producer.

Video Explains How The Reverse 2Up System Works In DDC And In Each Stage Of The PSIS

Your Producer's DDC purchase url will be emailed to you. If you are already a member of DDC, a replacement Topaz Stage-2 entry product will be available.

Maintaining your $25 DDC Reverse 2Up
monthly subscription should pose no problem as your Silver Stage-1 and Feeder Stage income should be growing nicely by then.

Review the Topaz Stage NOW! Just don't upgrade until notified by PSIS Admin to proceed. Then, get your DDC $25/Month subscription started without delay to be on your way to your projected $102K Monthly while your FS $6K (your amount after Admin's 50% cut which split ends with the completion Level-10) and your $103K Silver Stage would by design be steam rolling You to your projected two Stage income total of $109K ($6K+$103K) through 10 Levels all at the same time!

If you have not created your account, click the Take Action button below and complete it. Do this before you purchase your Feeder Stage $3 entry product. This will insure your placement into the Silver PL of your $3.00 FS Producer.

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