In our 9 Stage Reverse 2Up Profit Sharing Income System (PSIS)

Everyone who has $3.00 and is searching for an opportunity that can change their financial future need to look no further than to what is now before your very eyes.

Introducing the 9 Stage $118 Million PLUS $102K Monthly Reverse 2Up (Rvs-2Up) Profit Sharing Income System (PSIS) with a new unheard of $3.00 entry amount! "I know, impossible, right? Wrong, but the only way you'll really know for yourself is read the information on this page."

$3.00 is affordable to everyone, so by simply sending prospects to your PSIS website like this one, no one should have any problem getting their 4 $3.00 FM entry sales. With our low $3.00 entry everyone can PIF for their 4 or more sales and a lot of Members will make a whole lot of MONEY! You may produce as many $3.00 FM sales as you like. Our illustrations shows everyone having at least 4 FM sales below them who will follow their Producer into each of the 9 Rvs-2Up income stages!

We have made the PSIS a literal for EVERYONE!

To receive the full income potential of $118 Million PLUS $102K Monthly you and each of your downline Members only need to produce 4 $3.00 FM sales who will duplicate the PSIS through 10 Levels of each Stage.

On this page you'll learn how that by simply purchasing the $3.00 *Turbo3Cash Machine or 25 Income Oppty Seeker Leads for only $3.00 from PSIS Admin and producing just 4 sales of the same
you'll be on your way to enjoying this massive income stream of $118 Million PLUS $102K Monthly!

Everyone Starts In The $3.00 4X2 Feeder Matrix

With our unique pay plan we have made it possible for anyone to become a Multi-Millionaire in the shortest time possible with ONLY $3 out of their pocket!

Get In The Feeder Matrix NOW!

First, Create your Account. Then Select our Turbo3Cash link above to purchase the $3.00 Turbo3Cash biz oppty entry product. If you are already a member of Turbo3Cash, use one of the Payment Methods below to send PSIS Admin $3.00 to purchase 25 Income Oppty Seeker Leads. After purchasing either of these you will be placed into the Feeder Matrix.

*If the Turbo3Cash payment page does have your preferred payment option, select one from the list below and send PSIS Admin $3.00. Upon receiving your $3.00 we will set up your Turbo3Cash website, send you the url and place you into the FM.


To purchase 25 Leads use a payment option from the list below to send PSIS Admin $3.00. You will be placed into the FM and your Leads will be emailed to you.

Send to: solopric7

Send to Solomon Price: ezwebdollars@gmail.com

Send to Solomon Price:

Send to Solomon Price: hegavehislife4us@gmail.com

BTC Only: bc1qeuv7x9f9f75smhu9n3zq

Your $3.00 purchase places you into the $3.00 4X2 Feeder Matrix (FM).

You're be re-entered into this Matrix to receive infinite $50 Cycle Bonuses upon your 3rd Cycle! Your 1st Cycle of this matrix will fund your entry into our $82K Silver Stage-1 Reverse 2Up. Your 2nd Cycle will fund your entry into our 7-Phase 2X2 Income Matrix Set that is designed to pay you infinite Cycle Bonuses of $75, $225, $675, $2025, $10,075, $10,075 and $10,075! Members reentry will help sustain everyone's advancement into the $82K Silver Stage-1 upon their 1st Cycle from this Feeder Matrix.

Cycling The Feeder Matrix Is Easy Once You'll In

A. Once you are in the 4×2 FM and have produced your 4 $3.00 sales, the low $3.00 entry cost should have you quickly cycling as your 4 each get their 4 sales placing 16 (4×4) on your Level-2 totaling 20 sales (4+16) to fill your FM and $60 ($3×20) will be generated. This $60 is your Cycle Reward!

B. From your $60 Cycle Reward your $10 annual PSIS Admin fee is deducted. We don't earn until our Members earn.

C. From the remaining $50
($60-$10) you will purchase one of the Silver Stage-1 entry products listed in #1, #2 and #3 below from PSIS Admin to be placed into the $82K Silver Stage-1 Rvs-2Up.

By Having Popular Online Biz Opptys As Our Products Our Members Will Most Always Have Means To Earn An Income

Any of these biz oppty products when offered as a stand alone income oppty by our Members can serve as another source of income should your prospect prefer to join the stand alone biz oppty instead of the PSIS. However, our $3.00 entry amount has eliminated the need for anyone to even consider joining any of our Affiliate biz opptys products as a stand alone biz oppty. Why settle for one biz oppty at a cost of $27-$21K when you can own all 9 for only $3 out of pocket? Yes, $21K! Our Stage-9 biz oppty entry product retails for $21K but it can be yours for virtually $3.00 and you'll be positioned to receive unlimited-automatic-passive sales with $20K commissions. HELLO!

Three $82K Silver Stage-1 Entry Product Options

1. Instant Profit Club (IPC) Basic biz oppty for $27.

2. Simple Freedom Club (SFC) biz oppty for $35 includes a $10 SFC Admin fee.

3. If you are already a member of IPC and SFC, you will purchase our $27 Ad Pack to be placed into the Silver Stage-1. For Members purchasing the Ad Pack PSIS Admin will simply withdraw the $27 for your Ad Pack from your $60 FM Cycle Reward. You will then be placed into the Silver Stage-1 and your 3-line Ad will be shown on our website for a 3 month period.

Portion Of $60.00 Cycle Reward
You'll Receive

If your Silver Stage-1 entry product purchase is our $27 Ad Pack, you'll receive the balance of your $60 Cycle Reward, $20 ($60-$10-$27-$3). $3.00 is for your reentry into the FM. You'll receive $47 ($60-$10-$3) after purcahsing your IPC or SFC if either of these is your choice of entry product. If your upgrade product choice is IPC, your net FM Cycle Reward would be $20 ($60-$27-$10-$3) after you purchase. If SFC is your choice, you would net a $12 ($60-$35-$10-$3) Cycle Reward after you have purchased.

$82K Silver Stage-1 Illustration

From your $27 or $35 entry biz oppty or $27 Ad Pack purchase amount $20 enters you into Stage-1 *You receive $20 Pass Ups *$5 Commission on IPC, SFC & Ad Pack purchases by your FM Sales as they follow you into this Stage-1. *Admin Comms: $2 IPC Basic or Ad Pack & $0 On SFC Sales

*If you're familiar with the operation of the Reverse 2Up compensation plan, you are aware that your income could grow infinitely beyond the illustrated $82K 10 Levels of earnings and in each of the other 8 Stages once it's started by you producing your 4 $3.00 Feeder Matrix sales and duplication continues!

If you are not familiar with the Rvs-2Up, navigate here to view a detailed illustration of how the PSIS is meticulously designed to passively grow your income in each Stage.

You get all of the above and MORE for just $3.00 out of your pocket when you purchase our $3.00 Turbo3Cash Machine or our 25 Opportunity Seeker Leads for ONLY $3.00 and ONLY from me Solomon Price, PSIS Admin!

You Enter $82K Stage-1 Income Stream

1. $20 of the commission received by PSIS Admin from you purchasing our $27 IPC Basic or our $27 Ad Pack or our $35 SFC biz oppty entry product places you into our $82K Silver Stage-1 Rvs-2Up illustrated above.

a. From your $27 or $35 entry product purchase a $5 commission is paid to your FM Producer, $20 places you into the $82K Stage-1 and PSIS Admin retains $2 ($27-$20-$5-$2=$0). PSIS Admin retains $0 when the $35 SFC is the chosen entry product; as $10 of the $35 SFC cost is SFC's Admin fee.

Your FM Sales Enter Stage-1

2. Having cycled the FM and assuming that you wasted no time producing your 4 FM $3 sales, they will cycle their FM, purchase their Silver Stage-1 entry product and will follow you into the $82K Silver Stage-1 Rvs-2Up! They will be placed into your Level-1 Pay Line (PL) as your 4 $20 Stage-1 sales as shown in the top of the far left column of the illustration above.

Although you didn't produce these 4 $20 sales, you'll earn $20 ($5×4) in commissions on these 4 automatic-passive sales and $40 (2×$20) on the 2 you'll retain in your PL after passing up 2 to your FM Producer! These 2 remaining in your L-1 PL must each pass up 2 $20 sales to you!

Sales Of Your FM Sales (2nd Generation) Enter Stage-1

3. As the 4 FM sales of each of the 2 in your L-1 PL cycle their FM, they will be placed into the Silver Stage-1 Rvs-2Up as 4 sales to each of these 2 in your L-1 PL and you'll receive 2 Pass-Up sales from each of your 2 totaling 4 which earns you $80 ($20×4) more! Your total L-1 earnings on 4 placed $20 sales would be $140 ($20+$40+$80) and your total potential system earnings through Level-1 would be $160 ($140+$20) or $152 ($140+$12) figuring in your $20 or $12 net FM Cycle Reward!

You Enter The $102K Monthly
Topaz Stage-2

4. When your Stage-1 income reach the L-5 completion amount of $1280 Monthly or you've earned a total L-1 through L-5 amount of $2540 Monthly you will purchase the 1st month of your Topaz Stage-2 entry product, our Daily Digital Club (DDC) biz oppty from your FM Producer. Your Producer's DDC purchase url will be emailed to you. If you are already a member of DDC, a replacement Topaz Stage-2 entry product will be available.

a. Maintaining your $25 DDC Monthly subscription should pose no problem as your Silver Stage-1 and Topaz Stage-2 income continues to grow as Your 4 or more FM sales will also be setting up their $25 Monthly DDC subscription to you! The Topaz Stage-2 illustration below shows how your income is projected to grow to $102K Monthly as $3.00 FM sales continue in your downline through 10 Levels.

$102K Monthly Topaz-Stage-2 Rvs-2Up Illustration

Purchasing your $25 Daily Digital Club (DDC) for $25 monthly from your FM Producer sets you up to receive unlimited automatic-passive $25 sales as your Feeder Matrix sales will purchase thier DDC, follow you into the $102K Monthly Topaz Stage-2 and pass up 2 $25 sales to you!

Your FM Sales Enter Stage-2

5. As your 4 FM sales reach their Silver Stage-1 earnings of $2540 in L-1 through L-5 they will purchase their $25 Monthly Daily Digital Club entry product to enter the Topaz Stage-2. They will be placed into your Topaz L-1 Payline as your 4 Topaz sales!

a. You’ll earn $50 Monthly ($25x2) on the 2 placed sales remaining in your Level-1 Payline after passing up 2 to your FM Producer
as shown in the Topaz illustration above at the top of the 2nd column from the far right. Your remaining 2 Payline sales must each pass up 2 $25 Monthly sales to you!

The Sales Of Your FM Sales Enter Stage-2

6. Assuming that the 4 FM sales of each of your 2 Topaz L-1 Payline sales have cycled their FM, were placed into the Silver Stage-1 and as each of them reach their total L-1 through L-5 earnings of $2540 they will purchase their $25 DDC biz oppty or alternate entry product with a $25 Monthly subscription to their Producer, the 2 in your L-1 Pay Line. as did you.

a. They will be placed as 4 Topaz sales into the Payline of each of the 2 in your Payline and each of your 2 passing up 2 sales to you will earn you $100 monthly ($25x2x2) MORE which would bring your total Topaz Level-1 earnings to $150 Monthly ($50+$100)! You’ll have 4 sales in your L-2 Payline who must each pass up 2 sales to you!

9 Stages Of Income Projected To Grow For You Automatically, Passively And Simultaneously

The PSIS is so designed that your income could now be growing automatically, passively and simultaneously in the $82K Silver Stage-1 and in the $102K Monthly Topaz Stage-2 just as it is designed to do in all 9 Stages!

Your income could continue to grow past 10 Levels to INFINITY in all 9 Stages as long as adequate $3 Feeder Matrix sales are produced!

Now consider this. If you achieve a mere 10% success rate in the PSIS, you still stand to bank $11.8 Million PLUS $10.2K Monthly from a measly $3.00 out-of-your-pocket!

Automatic Advancement Into Stages 2-9 Eleminates The Sales Of Entry Products For These Stages

As each PSIS upgraded Member reaches their L-5 earnings within the highest Stage they are in, they will automatically purchase the biz oppty or alternate product to be placed into the next income Stage. This feature makes it possible for our Members to advance to each Stage in the least amount of time with considerable profits in their pocket and without having to make any sales other than $3.00 FM sales to grow their income even MORE!

Even though the system is designed to grow your income in the remaining 7 Stages by the same process as explained for the above two Stages, I will use the $327K Emerald Stage-3 to illustrate once more how this unique process can passively grow your income on auto-pilot to as much as $118 Million!

You Enter The $327K Emerald Stage-3

A. Assuming you would now be positioned in the $102K Monthly Topaz Stage-2 Rvs-2Up, your Topaz Stage-2 income would soon reach L-5 earnings of $1.6K Monthly or a total of $3150 Monthly in L-1 through L-5 as adequate $3.00 FM sales continue to be produced by those entering the system.

1. From your Topaz Stage-2 L-1 through L-5 earnings of $3150 Monthly you will use $97 to purchase the IPC Pro biz oppty entry product to be placed into your 3rd income stream , the Emerald Stage-3 which has a potential income payout of $327K through just 10 Levels! Don't worry. Although the IPC Pro will not be available to you if you didn't purchase IPC Basic to enter Stage-1, you wouuld simply purchase our 500 Oppty Seekers Lead Pack for $97 and you will be placed into Stage-3. You'll be placed into the Payline of your FM Producer as one of their Emerald Stage-3 sales.

$327K Emerald Stage-3 Rvs-2Up

Your 4 FM Sales Enter Your Emerald Stage-3

2. Assuming that your 4 FM sales have advanced to the Topaz Stage-2 and reached their total L-1 through L-5 earnings of $3150 Monthly, they will use $97 of their Topaz profits to purchase the Emerald Stage-3 entry product or a substitute product and they are placed as your 4 Emerald sales into your L-1 Payline!

a. You'll receive Producer commissions of $40 ($10×4) on these 4 $97 placed sales just as if you had produced them yourself and you'll earn $160 ($80×2) on the 2 remaining in your Pay Line after passing up to your FM Producer. That makes $200 ($40+$160) in passive Level-1 earnings thus far!

4 FM Sales Of The 2 In Your L-1 PL Enters Stage-3

b. As the 4 Feeder Matrix sales of each of the 2 remaining in your L-1 PL complete their Topaz Stage-2 L-5 with total earnings of $3150 Monthly, they also will purchase from PSIS Admin Stage-3 entry product and they are placed into the Emerald Stage-3 as 4 $80 sales for each of the 2 in your L-1 Pay-Line. Each of your 2 will pass-up 2 of their sales to you totaling 4 which earns you $320 ($80×4) MORE!

Your total Stage-3 L-1 earnings would then be $520 ($40+$160+$320) as shown in the top of the far right column of the Emerald Stage-3 illustrated above. You would have 4 in your L-2 Payline who must each pass-up 2 $80 sales to you!

Your Total Earnings Through Level-1 Of The 1st 3 Stages

Through only Level-1 of the 1st three Stages your projected earnings would be $660 in one-time commissions and $150 Monthly residual commissions. All of this CASH with more to come would be yours for ONLY $3 out of your pocket and 99% passively on auto-pilot after completing just 4 $3 FM sales! Your potential earnings in the remaining 6 Stages would grow by the same simple and easy process as explained above!

All Stage Entry Amounts Are Paid From Profits!

**Notice that each product for entry into each Stage is purchased out of your profits instead of out of your pocket and your total amount out-of-pocket is never more than $3!

You won't find any income opportunity that even comes close to what you are now becoming a part of.

Get started NOW before the entry amount reverts back up to $37-$45!

9 Stages Of Simultaneous Income Growth

Your Income would now be growing simultaneously in the $82K Silver Stage-1, the $102K Monthly Topaz Stage-2 and in the $327K Emerald Stage-3 as it is designed to do in all 9 Stages and only here in our PSIS

All Sales Are Final

***All Member purchases of biz opptys or substitute products for entrance into any Stage are final and no refunds will be available regardless of whether the Member paid all or part of the purchase cost.

*Legal Disclaimer: Please Note: Neither the Admin, owner(s) nor any employees of Instant Profit Club, Simple Freedom Club, Prosperity Home Network, MWR, Easy1Up nor Prosperity People Systems businesses, nor Simple System Funnel Biz Ops has any affiliation with, nor endorsement of the Profit Sharing Income System in any way. PSIS Admin is only an independent reseller of these Biz Ops and is bound to the rules imposed upon as outlined in their Rules and Regulations regarding their Resellers/Affiliates. All questions or comments regarding these Biz Ops and how the Rvs-2-Up PSIS utilises them in the PSIS opportunity should be directed only to Rvs-2-Up PSIS Admin. Income amounts shown on this website are only for illustration purposes and have no intent of guaranteeing anyone that they will earn from this opportunity without adequate, sustained and effective marketing efforts on their part and on the part of their prospective joining members.