Your Silver Stage Sales Follow You Into Each Stage With Zero $ Out-Of-Their-Pocket. This generates automatic-passive sales for all qualified Members.

I hope You're ready to behold the Grand-Daddy of all Reverse 2Ups, the PSIS $82 Million Diamond Stage-9 Rvs-2UP! Yes, this baby has a 10 Level total payout potential of $82M. All from $20K commissions on system designed Automatic-Passive Diamond sales of $20K each.

Although our Stage Illustrations show each Member producing only 4 Silver sales, there are no Restrictions on the number of Silver sales our Members may produce. The more Silver sales you produce, the more your potential earnings will be above the projected amounts in Stages 2-9.

$82M Diamond Stage Illustration

*A $35K Acct. Disbrmt. from your Sardonyx Profits enters You! *$21,847 Biz Op Purchase Amt. *$20K Stage Entry Amt. *$20K Pass Ups Comms.

* To position you in your Diamond Stage $35K will be disbursed from your Sardonyx L-1 thru L-5 earnings of $756K or from your total Sardonyx earnings of $756K if this amount is earned before your L-5 is completed. You could reach $756K in earnings before your L-5 is completed if you personally produced a sufficient number of Silver Sales who followed your lead and did likewise.

** When and however you reach this specified amount, you will then purchase your Diamond Stage entry biz op, Elite Funnels at their $21K Royal Package Level. Your purchase amount of $21,847 includes the $847 Elite Funnels Admin fee.

$25M Sardonyx Stage Illustration

A $35K disbursement from your Sardonyx $756K L-1 thru L-5 Profits purchases your $82M Diamond Stage entry biz op, Elite Funnels at their $21K Royal Package Level and replaces a portion of PSIS Admin's Elite Funnels commission received on your purchase.

* From our $15,750 commission received on your Elite Funnels Biz Op purchase PSIS Admin adds $6847 to the $13,153 ($35K-$847-$21K) remaining of your $35K disbursement to total your $20K ($6847+$13,153) entry amount and You are placed into the $82M Diamond Stage.

* PSIS Admin retains a $8,903 ($15,750-$6847) Elite Funnels commission.

* Now as your 4 (or MORE!) Silver sales acquire their Diamond position just as You did, they are placed as your 4 $20K Diamond sales! 2 are passed up to your Producer and 2 remain in your L-1 PL earning You $40K (2x$20K)!

* As the 4 of each of the illustrated 2 in your L-1 PL reach the Sardonyx specified earning amount and purchase their Diamond Stage biz op, they are placed into the Diamond PL of your 2. You'll receive 2 Pass Up sales from each of your 2 totaling 4 (2x2) earning You $80K (4×$20K) MORE and giving You a potential Diamond L-1 total earning of $120K!

* This process of each Member's Silver sales following them into the Diamond Stage creating automatic and passive Diamond sales for You and your downline will continue through 10 Levels as Silver sales continue to be produced and generating you a Dimond Stage income stream totalinig $82 Million!

I know, unbelievable, right? A $3.00 purchase, a minimum of 4 sales of the same potentially earning You $118 Million through only 10 Levels of 9 Stages with 1 stage income potential of $102K MONTHLY! It’s like RESIDUAL income gone wild!

Why Not Create Your PSIS Account, Upgrade and Start Earning NOW!

*Legal Disclaimer: Please Note: Neither the Admin, owner(s) nor any employees of Instant Profit Club, Simple Freedom Club, Prosperity Home Network, MWR, Easy1Up nor Prosperity People Systems businesses, nor Simple System Funnel Biz Ops has any affiliation with, nor endorsement of the Profit Sharing Income System in any way. PSIS Admin is only an independent reseller of these Biz Ops and is bound to the rules imposed upon as outlined in their Rules and Regulations regarding their Resellers/Affiliates. All questions or comments regarding these Biz Ops and how the Rvs-2-Up PSIS utilises them in the PSIS opportunity should be directed only to Rvs-2-Up PSIS Admin. Income amounts shown on this website are only for illustration purposes and have no intent of guaranteeing anyone that they will earn from this opportunity without adequate, sustained and effective marketing efforts on their part and on the part of their prospective joining members.